life @ work

I somehow tend to realize that when one starts working , time just flies by ...I just feel I came and sat in the office, hey ..but its already evening .I have just got a little buys at work witgh loads to learn....the maxim "so much to do-so little time " pops up ...when i think of it.

Life is all about managing and balancing things in such a way that one derrives the maximum out of life...and soon I would be slogging at Mangalore , my new work location...as the expected short term tranfer to chennai ends soon. I realize that soon ,each of my friends would be posted to different locations...and who knows ....may not even meet each other ...as sid and prasanna go to trivandrum for thir training in TCS .Achut goes to a short 2 month stay for his training to mysore.Lan is in hyderabad....I thought it wud be better we plan a short re union/getaway to munnar this weekend. we are staying at springdales , munnar .

quite a big list has signed up and managing 12 people is going to be tough , but what the heck it's fun meeting all people after college(more precisely may 5th 2004 ). We have planned it with a budget of 1500 for the weekend,including our train journey ,travel by van around munnar,accomadation and food. So do wait for some snaps next monday morning. The list is as follows,and suprsingly we have each one in a different company ...

1) Achut (Infy)
2) Kartik Kannan(Infy )
3) Kishore(symantec-sutherland)
5)Prasanna kumar (HCL-CISCO)
6)Ganesh (honeywell)
8)santosh (EDS)
9)Vinush (CTS)
10) Dinesh (HCL )
11) Anand(Gtech-HCL )

The ones who cudnt make it or wanted more time were

1 ) ravikumar (HCL)
3)jaffer(hcl) ...
4) Prasanna venkatesh (GE....)

Anyway I am happy that at least we , a motley crowd of 12 are meeting ....


Twin-Gemini said...

Hmmm, havent been to Munnar. Should visit it the next time I come over. Do post the pictures.

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