Celebrating 365 days past L.U.C.K

Infosys, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

It's exactly a year and 5 minutes since my life changed for the better.Last year this time I had just finished writing the Infosys test at Meenakshi college and had just come ut of the hall,with a slight premonition that I may not make it ...but luck had it just otherwise and the rest was history ...

Last year I went to bangalore literally every weekend ,spent nigts in some dingy hotel rooms near the railway station all in search for a high paying software job. Bangalore and IT was the buzzword when i passed out of college ...and I decided to hunt extensively in bangalore where jobs were handed out and sellink like idli vada in saravana bhavan !!!

I learnt the importance of having a referall, in a company who could inform u about when the tests for frshers would be conducted and since I hardly had any godfather's working in plush IT companies in bangalore I decided to hunt on my own and went to the extent of spotting people ...who came out of their company for a tea/cofee or to sneak a fag....and requested them to give their emplyoyee number and passed on my resume to them. I remember walking down to almost every company in ITPL bangalore(equivalentof our chennai's tidel park,giving away my resume ,as it were a wedding invitation). I did attend quite a few tests ,but luck simply wasnt on my side as most of the tests in bangalore were cancelled on the day of the walk in because the company couldnt handle the crowd that came in to take the tests and in the tests that I got thru ...I didnt make it to the tech interview.

I actually didnt need to do this as I already had a job in polaris software solutions (chennai),but seemingly was reluctant to go there as the pay wasnt high there for an entry level software engineer,as compared to other software companies.

I had to join polaris on August 9th and By quirk of fate ,I had my Infy test the previous day ...which I qualified...and waited for a few days for the results ,while I didnt join Polaris ...in the hope that i would get through Infy (terribly risky !!!).

In the end ,I guess It was worth the wait,working for the best software company....in India .

So kinda celebrating the anniversary ..of my "change of luck" .


Another face in infosys said...

the best software company....in India
Infosys?? ROTFL

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