The law of forwards and email

Generally When i have lots of work and need to work at a quicker pace to complete some work by a stipulated time ....mails tend to flow in ..just as letters flew in the inaugral harry potter movie ....where i used to get nothing less than 250 mails in a single day ...most of them being forwards with lotsa redundancies anmd repetitions. some forwards may be "quotes" ,while some may be interesting ..to read ..or some raunchy photos ..

These days ...(the last 4 days to be precise) ..when i dont have work, i see that the number of mails has dropped to less than 10% of the existing traffic ...and sitting in front of the monitor waiting for an email to arrive is so ...much like waiting in a lonely station ....for the perenially late train to arrive on time.Last week I had to find newer ways of killing time ... but it was slightly assuaged by ill health due to some cold n headache ..i was more so in the rstroom trying to blow my ever overflowing nose ...

I guess work will soon start getting hectic....and that is when the mails would also start flowing in by the numbers... thats life ..if not murphy's law..it's kartik's laws !!!

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