Life has indeed come to a standstill ,but I am learning to move on ... It is depressing to know that I will never get the oppurtunity again to meet my grandpa.Today the 13th day ceremony got over ...and thinking of my grandmother...i know she would feel damn lonely without her husband,but she's putting up a brave front ..by controlling her emotions.

I will be rejoining office after quite a hiatus (3 weeks now)... I guess the work pressure would remove any sort of negative feelings about the death....and the constant thoughts about the uncertainties of life.


Deepa said...

Work is good remedy..:)..

Suraj said...

yea, sure thing....its sometimes good that work makes us forget our personal depressions....but somethings can really get to u..well lifez all abt adapting to change ! ! ..so keep it cool...the Sun will be out again

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