If u cant make it just fake it ....

Every other day in the papers I get tired of DR Arindham chaudhary's efforts to get his B school IIPM noticed.He has the chutzpah to compare his B school (IIPM) with the IIM's ,even going on to say that IIPM is notches ahead of a few IIM's and other reputed B schools.

What does he think , By just arming students with a Laptop,he can change the way Indian's go about business or bring about a radical change in a motley bunch of students.I may be a little captious about IIPM by pointing out their gimmicks to get inside the TOP 10 elite B schools in the Indian scene,but am definetely convinced that IIPM is just trying to make up the numbers and create some unneccesary hype rather than actually focussing on improving the quality of education.

IIPM seems to have meddled with some ratings and has purpotedly published some incorrect details while advertising (as said in Outlook).


Anonymous said...

Arindam Chowdary whatever U Call him has done what a Marketing Whizkid would do. PROMOTE!. Thatz all that counts. A simple college like IIPM now ROCKS with IIM. FULL MARKS TO ARINDAM.Look at the publicity, Man IIPM ROCKS!. DUDE YOU COULD BCOME A FILMSTAR ONE DAY> WAHTZ BETTER THAN THAT

Arvind N said...

It's kinda funny comparing the IIMs with IIPM. well i've been enjoying ur blogs for years now. keep it up machan.

BCMD - infy blr.

Anonymous said...

Look at http://www.jammag.com/careers/articles/mbacorner/iipm/degree.htm :)

Anonymous said...

dude, i think before just tlkin about anything in future, you should get your facts rite. n wen you talk about someone like Arindam, you are no where close to him, so stop acting like a looser n dont jus tlk about anethin abruptly like sum oversmart dumass..

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