End of an era-

Well if Rang de Basanti, did succeed at eliminating one of India's evils, it was the grounding of the MIG range of flights,that happened yesterday.It took the IAF so many years to do that,when lots of lives of pilots were lost,due to some perennial technical snag in what was believed to be India's Killer flight.The MIG range of planes was India's secreet stratigic weapon for quite a few decades,and yesterday evening,the IAF Chief,Mr Tyaagi decided that the MIG series were of no use to India anymore in terms of cost and strategy.Agreed the IAF fel some kind of emotional Bonding with the plane,but they should ward off the insouciant image that they(IAF) tend to potray, inspite of the deaths caused by some of the MIG range of planes.

The MIG-25 series had far lesser casualties over the years than the MIG-21 series and that probably explains the fitting reception it got before it was laid to rest at the IAF Museuem.


eskay said...

Kartik, you are mixed up between the MiG 25 and the MiG 21. The MiG 25 has been retired because spy satellites do a far better job of what it was supposed to do. There is no connection between the MiG 21 and the MiG 25 except the MiG acronym. Rang de Basanti does not come into the picture in this case (pun not intended). The IAF possessed a maximum of 8 MiG 25s. A huge lot less than the MiG 21, the mainstay of the IAF's fleet.

Anonymous said...

MiG has not been grounded .. it is a squadron of high altitude reconnaissance aircrafts that has been decommisioned.

MiG is still the workhorse of Indian Airforce and needs upgradation. Quality wiseit is one of the best fighters to have ever flown.. the so called unreliability is due to defective spares. One has to maintain a balance before making a point.

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