First Love : "exploring" the next level

My Sony "cassete" walkman, has endured me for the last 9 years,and so have I ....across 3 diferent Sony Models,but I belive the time has come to take the relationship to the next level by going digital.So My mind is confused over choosing the two options that I have.Do I buy an I-POD or do I go 4 the Sony MP3 Player.Am looking for a place I can review both the devices at the same time,with the same song.So am trying to get things arranged that way,so that I can review both of them and decide.

Inbetween all that lies the approval Process through my dad,as he feels I have spent enough of dough on Gizmo Gadgets for a life time, and I should save money for the rainy day (To travel in boats ? huh ? ).

Any gnyaan from people seeing this, is largely welcome,as I need to know the peculiarities of the product before I buy it,rather than learn the caveat's after my purse has borne the explosive hole of 10k...

My Budget is around 10 k...for the music Player.. so interesting times...let the swayamwar begin

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Ram said...

If your budget is 10k then go 4 an iPod. I bet u, the clarity of the music in iPod is not challengable, even though Sony offers more features and high memory capacity, iPod Nano is stylish and has gud quality. A 2 GB iPod nano costs 9500 rs. I suggest iPod...

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