Anil Kumble- Has the Sun Set Over his Illustrious Career?

Anil Kumble has been India’s unsung hero, but is it time to salute this warrior and try developing more warriors in the current crop of fringe spinners? An in-depth look at his bowling stats reveals a lot more than just numbers would.......................
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Hari said...

Finally someone else seems to be of the same opinion as me! Yeah, its about time the "senior citizens" of the Indian team take a VRS (or give them a pension/stipend). I'm not downplaying their contributions over the years, but there comes a time when they have to go. They all are financially well set, so no problems from that end.

They are setting up the National side to face a double-edged sword a la the OZ team a few years ago when their aging stars all retired more or less around the same time.

Lets give some young guns a crack at making the team. There seems to be plenty of youngsters wanting to come through.

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