Some Memories

8th, 9th and 10th August have some significance in my life. 8th August 2004, was when I got through Infosys on a cloudy morning in Chennai. 9th August, 2004 was the date of joining of my first job-Polaris(which I didnt go on to join). 10th August, 2005 was the day my Grandfather passed away. My grandmother is beside him in the picture. This was taken in 2005 through the first mobile camera that I bought, so a rare picture it is, found it on my Flickr account just yesterday. I immideately sent a collection of pictures to my grandmother(through Zoomin), who is in Chennai. I still remember the days my Grandfather would take me out for walks in Nanganallur, an area in suburban Chennai that i visited everytime in my Summer holidays. I used to make him buy Big Fun Bubble gums and Suadavali Pepper mint, and I enjoyed a lazy walk across the Malgudi'esque Nanganallur. Just miss those good old days :-)
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