Kuselan- Review

When I went in for the movie, with my friend Arunachalam(who had taken the pains of booking it), I expected a mob like frenzy for this Rajini movie. Nothing of that sort happenned. The back rows were booked, but the front rows at PVR Mulund were empty. Just a few cat calls as the movie flashed Rajnikant's name in the credits. The movie was quite a drag, but it was the slow moving drag nature of the movie that interested me, as it really peeped into the mind of the barber. The screenplay and the locations have been chosen very well, and though the graphics in the background does present a few gaping holes, its more or less been a good job done.

(On dinner now, will get back and write a detailed review)


Sayali said...
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Rajesh said...

atlast found someone who gave a positive comment on kuselan...:)

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