Advertising in the Mumbai Local Trains

Talk about advertising in the Mumbai Local Trains: This one takes the cake over the rest of the ads. Aimed at frustrated and tired men who get into the train like a herd of unattended cattle. Wow! Looks this 'Namrata' just got her customers at a very less acquisition cost:-)

I notice that in Mumbai, the daily soaps, programs and reality shows finds its way into trains and buses. The whole of Mumbai(atleast the working population), on an average travels 40 minutes-60 minutes a day one way, so they are bound to come across some TV promotion or channel promotion. When IDEA launched its media promotion, it plastered all the Mumbai trains yellow. Now thats one way of announcing yourself with a bang and whenever there is a splash in Mumbai, the Mid-days and Mumbai Mirrors add to it, by spreading the word.

Some of the other ads in the compartments more so look at generating hope in the mind of the traveller who is looking at the next best step to grow in life or to make money. More so temporary-aspirational-money making advertisments .Most of the other Ads in the local train border on instant loans-no questions asked, part time work that can 'guarantee' 90000 rs a week,Money making oppurtunities by investing just "2 Lakhs" and finally social messages for business networking from frustrated souls.(like the one below)

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I need somebody who can put my advt posters (1' x 1'6")in mumbai local trains, BEST bus and other places.

contact rajarao555@hotmail.com

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