Bhelcome to Sajjanpur

Last night, as soon as I came back from work, after munching a quick dinner, I went to Gaiety theatre in Bandra Talkies for " Welcome to Sajjanpur". It was a nice, simple movie that went on like a passenger train, or a town bus. In essence, the slow pace of the movie and the well etched out characters made it a lovely movie to watch. The movie had only 2 songs, and both of them were lovely and melodious to hum. The movie is worth a watch, as it transports you to a village and the way the story is told, you feel as if you were also part of the story.

The movie reminds of slow moving, immensely enjoyable rustic movies with simple happy-g-lucky characters that one had seen previously in a Basu Chatterjee or Hrishikesh Mukherjee movie. Its like an extended re run of Malgudi days or Byomkesh Bakshi. I've heard that the other two movies that released yesterday were duds( Saas, Bahu and Sensex- You dont mess with Zohan).

Time for a rural holiday to escape from the madness of the fast life in the city that's constantly on the love. Heading to open my Lonely Planet and Outlook Traveller for some searching!

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