Orkut Consumer Behaviour

I was thumbing through Orkut and chanced upon this. This happens to be a typical software engineer from Chennai, who's orkut intro page I have shown below.

Orkut shows this person as sexy, and cool, but look at the introduction. It says a line that he is friendly and then talks about the topic that the person is most comfortable with(programming, of course!). That pretty much explains the other rounded items in red below the 'about me'.

I guess most software engineers(Read: the kind that you encounter en masse at a company when thousands of people charge outside the office when the 5 15 pm bus leaves for home) are short of confidence and feel shy to express themselves, so end up putting something in the 'about me' column that they are most comfortable with, which unfortunately happens to be programming. I am not saying that people who have better looking intro's got laid instantly, but still the way the 'about me' part of orkut is written, reflects a lot about yourself.
Looking at the various kinds of intro's , there are the 'attention grabbers' who put their CV there or in order to show that they are intelligent, put some not-so-easily-understandable poem. Some use various symbols to show that they are rebels and are 'belonging' to a group, while some cleverly copy what they think will potray them in the best light. Some guys even use Orkut for hitting on women, and doing it relegiously. I knew a guy from Faridabad( who studied with me) who was a porn-ivororous animal, hunting down images of all the girls he saw in orkut in his laptop folder, and using it to fantasize. By the way the guy had a 2% physical sales conversion of all the girls he managed to scrap in orkut, and his 2% was quite high in number, so you can see the effort he put. So Orkut does help you connect, but there obviously is no right way for an intro or a wrong way, but its interesting taking a peek into the consumer behaviour of social networkers.It depends on the convergence of your target market, your sales techniques and the leads you get, or if you havent succeeded at this game, dont worry you can pay money and do the same at any of the marriage portals :-). Else tell the priest in the temple near your house, and finally gain Moksha! and even if this fails, try a Gtalk status of " Single and Ready to Mingle".

Ok, so where are we heading and what do I want to convey? Nothing much.... saw the orkut intro and a few thoughts were running through my mind, so thought I shall put them on my blog.


1) The guy who's orkut image is pasted is a good friend of mine, so nothing against him. Just found the intro funny.

2) The pornivorous friend doesnt read my blog, so dont have to worry much. If he does, I shall treat him to some Hyderabadi Biryani to pacify him if he does find out.


Anonymous said...

hahaha..nice one.. :D :D

Sirisha said...

Orkut doesnt rate nyone as cool or sexy. It's we the junta :)
Waise if am allowed a racially discrimination coomment, I find the IT folk fare far from cool and sexy [:)]

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