Searching for Activity!

Vinay Krithik gaping at Nature's gifts on display at Totos!

Thats my classmate Vinay on the left, and your's truly on the right. He seems to be an ideal foil, in terms of having the interest to roam around Mumbai on the local trains. Both of us are trying to involve ourselves in some learning activity or some form of entertainment post office hours. We have been debating, but havent really got into action. A couple of things we thought would be to see Theatre plays at NCPA, catch the usual flicks at Theatres, learn French/Spanish, get into some creative workshop or make quick trips around Mumbai. I mildly kicked things off last week, I made a quick and dirty trip to Daman(the place you would have last heard in class 3 geography). Vinay couldnt come for the trip, but Logi came for that crazy night trip. Will post more on that in the coming week.

It feels good to pro actively involve onself in some activty than living a mechanical and mundane life catching the crowded local trains back home!
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