Alaipayuthe revisited- well as I was just clearing the files in my system I found the file alaipay.dat which was the movie alaipayuthe . I see so much of similarity between myself and madhavan’s characters in alaipayuthe and minnale namely “kartik” and ‘rajesh’ respectively .the similarity goes like this- I love traveling in trains , am a music lover and have my own way of doing things, I show shades of brilliance every now and then , but get back to being my normal lazy self, enjoy bunking classes ,enjoy making potshots at the teachers, sightseeing(pun intended) roaming at hangouts and of course ……….( wondering what’s the gap for? Try searching ‘salim ali ‘ at google and if u are a bit mature enough u should know what I mean ! ! !).
Well tomorrow I am slated to go to sri vekateshwara college of engineering and technology in tiruvellore (40 km from central). So I’ve gotto get up pretty early to board the train at guindy at 6:15 am and of course hope that ‘some thing’ nice crops up (a-la- ALAIPAYUTHE) in the train journey , which is estimated to be a 2hr journey.

The event’s I am going for tomorrow are general quiz , technical quiz(IT related) ,collage, adzap and …… . so hope to strike gold there and hope that paves way for my justification to go to AMRITA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, coimbatore .more abt what happened at SVCET tomorrow on the my daily blog

i guess it’s quite a long time since I put up a quiz
so here goes

In 1995 Java was launched by Sun Microsystems and
which other Company?

Ans : Netscape
2nd April 2001 was a milestone day in the life of
Bill Gates. What happened?

Ans : After many years he lost his place as the
richest person of the world to Sam Walton of Walmart.

What is the meaning of the word MOTOROLA?

ANS: Motion of sound

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