My day started at 5 in the morning ,as soon as I got up I felt a little lazy, so to pep up my mood and spirit I switched on shaan’s” tanha dil and bhool jaa”(on my walkman) and that sure did lift up my sagging spirits . I was browsing thru the questions on my computer , but time flew away so fast that I had to instantly get ready and be at guindy station by 6 10 as I had asked my friend arun to wait at saidapet station at 6 15 am . the train as usual took a few minutes to come and soon I was in saidapet and waved my hands at the two guys that I had to meet at saidapet, Arun and ravikumar.
We just exchanged pleasantries and were joyous in more ways than one , in the sense that this trip to SVCET was a welcome respite from the boredom of college and then existence of GENERAL QUIZ on the symposium agenda stimulated me as VIAGRA would do…to a man …. Well we reached central by 6 52 , to be precise and spotted Achut waiting there .i gave my ‘parachute’(BAG) to achut and headed of to the newly built saravana bhavan in central station , gulping down 2 idlis in quick time . soon sudhir joined the gang and the party started to flow (sad sudhir couldn’t come to SVCET, so could’nt LG and PRASS ). We were discussing a few worldy matters , but I resigned my self to browsing my quiz books and of course plugging on my headgear , with shaan and kishore on the playlist . as stations went by , so did the vel-techies population increase in our compartment , but as soon as we touched Avadi , we had to bid goodbye to them . In a wink of time we reached tiruvellore , our destination . we got out to a blazing welcome by the sun god , as all this time we had not noticed the heat as we sat inside the train .
Soon we discovered that we weren’t the only ones from VT to be there , cse’b’ students were there 15 minutes b4 us and leading that troop was none other than (try guessing)
MS arvind. That guy has to be very careful with his mouth as that is his greatest asset and biggest problem!!!!!. The SVCET boys casually clad in jeans escorted us to the bus and in the bus were many familiar faces all seen in symposiums . the college had one proper block!! And some labs , but no auditorium in sight . soon we saw a shamiana in sight and that was meant to be the auditorium !!!!!.

We first went to the registration counter and gave our names for general and technical quiz and were there lingering for some time (ask achut why? (clue-violet)). we , after watching the dumb paper presentation , proceeded to go ahead with the technical quiz in a classroom . we started off on a positive note and soon found that we were the toppers there . soon after that was the gen quiz , where I initially was not allowed to participate as I was told by SVCET to give chance to others as they had limited number of question papers and said that the finals of tech quiz was to start in 10 mins !!!!!! . but I got furious and didn’t let the SVCET guy have his way and requested him for just 2 mins to finish the paper and buzz off to the auditorium . well looks like that plead worked , coz I ended up getting selected for the finals( hard to belive , coz we wrote for only 4 mins). The technical quiz was a cyber nightmare so to say as we remained on 0 till the last round but managed to muster 10 points in the speed round , to finish a dismal 5th . ONCE –BITTEN TWICE SHY – seemed to be the order as I mentally overcame the debacle to sit in the finals of the gen quiz and things started to go for us with the very first round. The quiz was very easy in the sense that they had 4 rounds astronomy,biology,sports and rapid fire and the questions were text book stuff for 8th graders and such a low standard definitely helped me keep my sway and I won the quiz by an outright and comfortable manner and coolly pocketed 2000 rs and a pizza corner dinner coupon

The adzap formula almost succeded as we finished a close 3rd( no prizes!!!)
With 23 compared to SIET ‘s 24 and sairam’s 26 ( one of my classmates found that thru the judge who happened to be his neighbour). We were sad that we could’nt win coz the crowd really appreciated our performance . we were to sell FEMINA razors (FEMINA is the brand name) and we made a real nice ad out of it .

The next best thing was the dance and the fashion show which will be sent later as part 2 of the day as this mail is already getting big ( more on alaipayuthe portion later!!!!) had a ball of a time

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