I guess life has never been so sad as it is now ,especially in college. The way the college has started to project itself post-ISO-9001 CERTIFICATION has been ridiculous. These fellows in the exam cell and the so-called dumb-hod’s probably are out of their minds calling the following sick bloody schedule as a brainstorming analysis that they made
Here goes- every Monday as before we continue to have a weekly test , but now added to it are the assignment tests –unit tests from ‘only’ Tuesday to Friday with a gleeful consolation that on Saturday no test is there and soon to follow in a week after 15th of august will be our mid semester exam , which runs consecutively for 7 days(barring the Sunday!!!!) . after that gets over we gave a 6 day week with 5 of them allocated to tests .
With such a * * * * * * bloody schedule , nor can I go to the library (BCL/ACL) neither can I go to any computer classes in the evening and to rub salt on the wounds I have to attend college everyday thereby causing me to miss many technical symposiums ,,which nowadays has kind of become my sole respite from the mundane and drab atmosphere in college.
So to say I am tied down , more like a soldier –who is away from home for years and yearns for a female company to unleash his creativity in the bed !!!!!!!!!!!!!
My story is similar in the sense that coming to college is a necessary evil( in VT) and these days whenever I see the term technical /general quiz , my heart tends to beat faster ( a-la a soldier spotting PREY!!!!)
I am not gonna get tied down by their whimsical attitudes( copying the slave rule as in satyabama) and I am going to go my way , as I feel these symposiums and competitions can so much more teach one the practical competitiveness in the market and how to get used to corporate culture and entertainment in many forms…………….

Well this news has just been announced in college , so I am to meet my principal tomorrow to ask her permission to attend the tests on 8th and 9th sometime later as we guys(5 0f us-ganesh,prassana,sudhir,achut and myself ) were planning a getaway to ooty( DIL CHAHTA HAIN STYLE!!!!) , after attending a technical symposium at AMRITA institute of technology ,Coimbatore on the 8th,9th and 10th of august .
So I just hope that things workout well in my favour . I’l be back to blogging if the reply from my principal is in the affirmative

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