Well , now I know what it is to fall in Love ……………………
I met ‘her ‘ on the 27th of august 2001 when she
came to my house to stay here . when I saw her I was
absolutely stunned by her looks . I pinched my self
twice to see whether this was reality or not . yes
indeed , it was and more so because we shared the same
bed ! soon as time went by ‘she ‘ became very close
to me . I always enjoyed ‘ her ‘ prescence in my
college bus .

Well I think I have given enough clues to generate a
heart attack . ‘she’ is none other than my SONY
walkman . ( really !!!!). My walkman has given my
company where ever I go and it though being a
lifeless mute companion has injected life in to me
many times ( with it’s home theatre like sound
effects) .’she’ has inspired my so many times , as I
regularly keep feeding her with her quality foods(

It just happened that I was so attached to ‘her’ and
loved ‘her’ company around . one fine day I decide to
go for a conference titled CONNECT 2002 from college
. I hand over my bag (containing the walkman) and my
coat to a 1st year guy called Vishwanathan and ask him
to wait outside the gate as I had to rush into
college to say something to my friend . well by the
time I came back the first bus had gone and so had
vishwanath . I hopped in to the second bus and
boarded it to reach the place in a few minutes. As I
got down I spotted Vishwanath and asked him for my
bag and coat . He gave me back a reply “ I HAVE LEFT
IT”. I was shell shocked because I had earlier thought
that during lunch time , since the place was a quiet
place I could listen to my walkman ( with the new
earphone) and enjoy the sound effects as it could not
be felt clearly in a train or in a bus because of the
noise outside and inside . I got very angry could
hardly fathom the reason that “ I wouldn’t need it”.
Well for the first hour or so I was all alone and
fuming within myself . but soon I regained my normal
self and was listening to the conference , but again
the thought of some one eloping with my SONY was
hard to digest .

Soon I went to the PCO booth and after repeated tries
to my college for about 1 hr , I got the pleasing
confirmation that my bag and coat had been spotted and
kept in the transport office. H.mmmmmmmmmmm I was
feeling easy , but still …………….
I came to college (after the seminar was over ) on
the 21st sep morning at 8 30 and asked the guy in the
transport department my bag . I first felt for my
walkman in my bag as an precautionary measure and to
my shock it was not there in the pouch . I reported
this to the officer and he in a very nonchalant tone
told me that he is not responsible. Having been
robbed of my walkman , he further rubbed salt in my
wounds by talking in a rude tone and was indicating
that I might be bluffing.

I was flabbergasted and in a few seconds from now I
had to give my VLSI model exam . so I without any
choice went to the hall. I was so disappointed that I
never even looked at the question paper and spent (
belive it or not) 75 minutes on thinking who could
have probably took my walkman . I was wondering why
most of the romantic fairytales don’t last the
distance . then I thought of people who had lost
their near and dear ones in any mishap and for once I
steeped in their shoes to feel the disappointment and
couldn’t accept the loss. I was thinking , why should
fate spill it’s fatal drink on my SONY . now I
really felt alone and lonely and wondered whether the
fire of my soul had been extinguished and I kind of
wanted to go to a suicide point and jump of from there
My mind was like DEVDAS at that time singing within
myself “ SONY oh SONY meri tammana , merah pyaar ,
dewaane se ho gayi galti , jaane doh yaar , I love u “
( as from the movie YAADON KI BAARAT).

The examiner had a glance at me and was wondering what
I was doing as I was totally in a different world with
a forlorn look. Only then did I realize half the time
is gone and quickly looked at the question paper .
some how I managed to answer 7 2-marks questions
and 4 12 mark questions and I guess that last ditch
effort would have somehow taken me past the corridor
of uncertainty ( 40 marks/ 80 ) ! ! ! ! .

I left the hall and didn’t want to sit near any of my
classmates as I felt no one would realize the extent
of my sadness . so I moved in to a secluded spot and
spotted on of the zips in my bag torn . generally I
knew that zip had a problem , so I never meddled with
it. So as I went to straighten it some thing shone
inside . YIPEE !!! it was my walkman , which some
rascal after taking out of my pouch( in the bag) not
knowing where toplace it had kept in this zip. My joy
knew no bounds after seeing it and I let out a war cry
(after waging a battle with Satan in my mind during
the exam). A few people after hearing it were looking
at me strangely , but I didn’t care .
This was like triumph of spirit for me resembling the

Only in someone’s absence does one realize the
affection one has for him/her and this mini trailer
in my life couldn’t be a better elucidating point .
well if this trailer had so much to offer I guess what
the “ whole movie “ will offer in time to come ! ! !

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