oh........... i am feeling so sad that rain decided to show it's power and might in the ICC trophy finals last night and prevented India from winning it . never mind i guess India has a another shot at it today at the lankans .MODERN RAMAYANA-if i could put it that way , with lankan's up against ram's(saurav ganguly) vanara(sehwag looks like one! !) . army. and it was due to holy intervention that INDIA gave lanka the ultimatum 'live to fight another day' coz the rain god's can only rain there , they cant dare think of comin to chennai . i challenge the rain gods there in lanka to show their might against the city of chennai( and i woyld wish them best of luck in that coz chennai is tooooooooooo hot and warm).

that means 8 hours of my server(cranium) will be idle in executing the process of watching the ICC trophy final rather than glancing at the CODES for tommorow's lab exam. what do do ? cricket is like a NASHA OR OPIUM for me .

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