my model exams are just over . my university exams kicks off in a couple of days . so i guess i shall discuss the state of my blogdom only once in a week. i gotto work more and make hay while " the power is there" as chennai is facing power cuts by the hour . today i was a bit tired after roaming alll over the college to spot the HOD to get my record signed and boarded an MTC bus to come home as my college bus is only at 4 pm. after i came home i just started dozing away when i was woken up by a wet sensation all over me( THE POWER CUTS ! ! !). now with the power having come cable tv is not available . damn irritating as one of my favourite movies" CARRY ON ..............) was to be shown today at 9 on zee mgm.

Any ways , no regrets , gotta get back to doing studies.

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