well as my previous blog talks about me being a quizmaster , all those grandiose plans had been shattered as the MECH guys wanted a fully mechanical related quiz and with my knowledge in mechanical being next to nothing , i rejected the offer.

but that proved to be a blessing in disguise as today as i just enquired abt the event a first yr guy came up to me and said that people from our college can participate , so i was there at the ED hall in a jiffy , bunking the last workin day( officially though). what followed afterwards was quiz prelims paper with 15 questions covering some stupid questionns - but some how I along with my friend prassana(E& I)managed to top the prelims and had an easy way to the final and the final was like batting on a bouncy jamaica wicket with questions in mechanical and thermal , fluid mechanics fired at us . but some how due to the grace of god i got some easy direct's and a couple of passes to win the quiz and i won 1000 rs cash.
well that makes the prize money won by me this semester to rs 5000. looks like the guys are all waiting behind my back to give them a treat and i guess this saturday a treat will be on the cards ! ! !

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