I spoke to soon, err ............blogged too soon , about my new HOD whom I had praised in the last blog turned out to be a 1 day wonder ! ! ! today the guy not only had me in splits , but got on my nerves as well . This was with response to a question on "availability" in distributed computing ?
( more of general term "availability" than in technical jargon ). I happened to answer " the amount of optimum resources required at a particular time to either be supplied or......" . I said it in this form because i didnt want to use the word "availability" in the definition as it would look cheap from an engineering student's point of view .(some thing a la MS ARVIND'S definition of BANDWITH : width of the band !!!) My HOD stared at me and said that I always make it a point to say some thing that is precisely wrong .

I was still left wondering what could be the perfect answer to such a question , but that was interuppted by the same question , forwarded to one of those Andhra girls , who sheepishly smiled and after bilnking into the sir's face , said a stunner "SAR ( sir in Andhra slang!) AVAILABILITY is what iiis available" and belive it or not , the sir in response to this congratulated the girl by saying it was a brilliant and precise answer , much to my chagrin .

He then turned to me and said , that i should learn from her , how to be precise and I was fit for nothing!!!! . I got bugged by that statement and retorted back saying that "Any tom dick and harry can answer in that way" to which he turned his face ( I guess he had got an over-dose of a language called English , and decided to do a CTRL-ALT-DEL by facing the blackboard .

Well just as life is like two sides of a coin , my better part came in the CAT classes , later in the evening where I did the english test much better than I had expected to do and my preparation on the CAT front is getting slightly more organized , so that feeling at the end of the day , left me smiling at the vagaries of life that strikes a person in all magnitudes all too suddenly !!!!!

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