Today I had a first hand Glimpse of what goes thru the mind of a recruiter. I had been to India Software Group , to get some advice as to what recruiters expect from freshers as well as tech guys who apply for jobs, along with kishore of my class . I am really thankfull to kiruba who made this possible along with the HR manager Ms Sandra. and their recruit Ashish . They were very forthright in giving their views and gave a clear picture of how to go about hunting companies and getting down to orient ourselves better to get a internship during our 8th semester.

came back home , in a very happy mood wiser from the meeting with these corporate people . it's late 11 now , but i guess for a CAT aspirant , there is nothing called "proper time or raghukalam " as I have to write a mock CAT right now from 11:30 pm to 1 :30 am ...... phew quite a schedule ...........

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