College has finally started and so has boredom.The heat in Chennai is just too much and today , since the staff meeting was supposed to take place , we were dumped in the computer lab , which did not have the AC functioning and the door too was bolted. We were told that the AC was functioning , despite repeated requests from the guys ,as were literally getting wet with sweat.
The classes have not begun in full swing and there is always this sense of idling around in class . We have a new HOD and i started liking him for 1 reason , he was the first HOD in veltech , who has spoken about conducting a symposium , addresing us on day 1 and he also becomes the first HOD to spot me napping in the class ! !

our symposim is slated on the 8th and 9th of august this year which may clash with the symposium of Amrita engg college, coimbatore . (not that it's going to deprive us of our crowd for our symp) , but we would love to be there in coimbatore attending their event than organizing our's in the midst of all kinds of troubles , that crop up here in the course of our symposium in the form of budget allocation........etc etc .
We had a lovely time last year , when we( achut and myself) qualified for the finals of their national level techquiz but came 4th out of 5 in the finals after closely fought rounds and to really lap it up we were enjoying nature at it's best as the college is surrounded on all sides by mountains and the mist covers the college till 9 in the morning . we had a royal time in ooty a day later , with 6 of us deciding to take a break from college .

well i am really interested at the prospect of doing something for our symposium , purely from a technical point of view and also managing the whole event . i guess none of my current 4th year batchmates are going to be that interested in this as they dont realize the latent oppurtunity that lies within of this being a platform to test our programming skills practically . well I guess I'l have to take up the mantle , this time again , hopefully with the secretive support of 2 -3 mates of my class

secondly last sunday i happened to attend a math workshop for solving the CAT , which also had succesful guys from the IIM's speak to us. i met quite a few engineers , who like me are in a way intested in their engineering , but somewhere along they played the fool, enjoying life the way they wanted, paying little heed to their engineering , and of course made their way into the IIM's . hope i too follow their path of making to the IIM's after a not so enjoyable bout of engineering !!!!

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