2nd week since college reopened and still we are no where , as far as the initial objective of completing the portions well in time , is concerned. we dont seem to be having staffs to manage the department as 3-4 of them have decided to take a week off and the newer recruits seem totally out of place . Sometimes it really pinches me that to hear this drivel in college(or rather none) , I actually burn a hole of 60 000 rs anually in my parents pocket. I guess my engineering is highly screwed simply because of the lack of competitive flavour , in students and the lack of a proffesional college like atmosphere, which makes me really lackadaisical at my work .

Just as the system of PERCENTILE scores go in most entrance exams , the benchmark for judging the beauty of a woman would be Aishwarya rai , undoubtedly .... and this comes on the blog , coz I am watching "HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM" one of the films that catapulted her to fame in 1999 .
her lovely green eyes ,slim and tender figure, ladylike way of speaking ..............................it just goes on and on and on...............on . a little further on this topic , my blog for all u know may be tracked down by sushma swaraj(or Ravi shankar) and would meet the same fate as the banning of FTV .
well if any female wanting to apply if they feel they are in the 90 percentile category , lets make this blog as the medium of communication ...! ! ! !

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