All the time in the World

Thats probably what the IIM's are saying to the students taking up CAT this year,as they have extended the time from 2 hrs to 2.5 hours.Now obviously the IIM's arent so generous enough,there must be a caveat to this.Either the difficulty level of the paper would be higher or there would be more sections, thereby testing your mental resolve to withstand 150 minutes of pressure.I happened to take the Free mock yesterday with TIME and discovered that the insti had applied the 2.5 hr rule rather instantaneously in its mocks,when the news of the IIM's releasing the new format was barely 48 hours before yesterday's mock.

With every new change there are new winners,more losers and I guess the folks who adapt faster to the change of pattern, would start to peak right before the exam.I guess the mantra from now on would be to see,who can maintain their mental balance and gusto for those priceless extra half an hour,as doing it for 2 hours coupled with the pressure,by itself is quite a draining excercise.

For the uninitiated, you can check the CAT bulletin for the year 2006 here.

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