Session at Stella Maris Tommorow

am speaking at Stella Maris College tommorow addressing the Sociology students on "The Power of Social Media". This invitation came about when, one of their senior professors Neeraja Rao called me a couple of weeks back,after we had met in the Chennai -Bangalore, evening Shatabdi Express sometime in April.That meeting in the train, was more so spent discussing on the vulnerabillity that the tamil folks were subjected to in Bangalore,after the Rajkumar death riots.It was a good discussion and after nearly 3 months,though she lost my card,she remembered my name and that I work for Sulekha,and promptly called up. I guess this is the first instance of me meeting a person from a train journey,after the rather innumerable promises and goodwill one exudes while parting away in the train.

As for me,though I remembered the face,I had forgotten her name,as the next two days after meeting her, I was absolutely bowled over by the western coast during my second trip to Gokarna Road . But when she called me up, it didnt take me too long to recognize her,as generally I pretty rarely forget folks met during train journeys.

So the talk is scheduled at 9:05 am at CC Block, 2nd floor as I am informed.Any body wanting to attend can please feel free to come.I hear that the college gate has some posters/direction markers to the place where the talk is happening.

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Hamsini said...

I'm in second year,sociology at Stella Maris College..Looking forward to hearing you speak!

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