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Every dozer worth his salt,siesta would agree that dozing is all about the magical feeling of the mind drifting away into a world that sucks you harder than a quick sand would,and even when you realise that you are drifting away into a tired slumber,you dont act on it and let the eyes droop,it is then that you respect the lovely emotion of falling asleep,over other mundane things in the world, that may seem to warrant your attention.

Dozing is all about drifting into a lovely world,dreaming actually quite a bit more than a documentary film,say for about that 2-5 minute interval and then feeling totally energised after sanity prevails and one wakes up.This 2-5 minute nap is actually more rejuvenating than the 1 hour of sleep or the general time we allocate to rest for a while. Sometimes Corporate speak also allowes us to call this Power Nap,though the HR Policies dont seem to be encouraging that sans my previous
employer where a AC room with 8 beds and a lovely bathroom was provided for tired folks to revitalise their brains after many a long battle with black and green monitors.Its another matter that even if you are not tired, you still want to bask in the cool confines of a closed room,meant for catching 40 winks, after a rather heavy lunch.

Today being a holiday,I was dozing at about 2 in the afternoon,when I recieved 3 calls in the intermittent period.I frankly dont remember who it was,but I have this really bad habit of not recognizing who the caller is for the first 20-30 seconds and try to extend the converstaion in as general a mode as possible till my brain warms up,but I do manage to put up a voice that is as good as I am active.I never give people the impression that I am sleeping and speaking in a drowsy manner,as when I hjear such voices on the other end, I am least interested in continuing the conversation.But in most cases the 30 second limit is what saves me from embarrassment,and rarely has my brain let me down.

I vividly remember once incident in 2001 when my bosom friend Arvind called up from Mumbai and spoke to me for about 20 minutes, and the first 5 minutes were a total washout.He apparently went about delivering gnyaan and all i did was nodded my head, till I realised that whatever he told me seemed larger than life and all carp,and tehn my mind mapped the rather ignominous fact that Arvind usually farts a lot,as if there is no tommorow, and instantly when I rebuked him on the phone for his story, he seemed to be plesantly suprised that the invectives actually took longer than expected, as the minimum toleration threshold way back in college was only a minute after which most of us,would either look sceptically at Arvind and rubbish off his theories. (PS: Arry, I must say has still stayed the same,though maturing a lot in other habits.It was good fun when he had comedown to Chennai a few weeks back,and we spent close to three hours at Cofee day in Nungambakkam).

There are times when the irritation levels are at its peak,when calls on the mobile disturb the sweet, sensual feeling of pre- post food siesta.After each call, My strength of volition, that I would vow not to pick up the next call grows stronger,but the shrill tone of the mobile anyway cuts through the ear and when the focus and the concentration of slumber is gone,I might as well pick up the call waiting to put the phone down with a string of "OK's".

So If you feel, you have more interesting dozing anecdotes to share,please feel free to include your experiences in the comments box below....oops the next call has just come,even as I type this.

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