Fanaa over Chand Sifarish...

This is another song apart from "where's the Party Tonight" thats recently caught my attention for it to warrant an infinite loop play on my walkman. Its a Friday and what better way to start the weekend.. I just saw that there are no takesr for Faanaa at Sathyam Cinemas and "The Da Vinci Code" when viewed for ticket positions on Sathyam Cinema's site showed only 4 tickets booked, 2 at each end...a secluded corner for 2 couples for them to play to the gallery..apart from the movie that is running at the background.On careful examination of choices at the 6 45 show , I have decided I will invest the next couple of hours at Sathyam watching Fanaa,after eliminating The Da Vinci Code,Thiruttu Payale,Krrrrrrrrrish (sheeeeeeeesh)..and someother nondescript movie. So Fanaa..it may be a trifle too late,a 1000 reviews late,but still I shall finally see you and rate you on my terms.

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