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I have been tagged by Priya on my interests.. ! So Here Goes

To give it a fancy name,lets call it


I'm thinking about:
When am I going to become the next Sabeer Bhatia?
When am I going to write my next Blog?
When will I not have selfish folks move away from me?
Why do people suck up to their higher authorities?
When will Goverment owned institutions compete with the Private players?
When will I stop listening to "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna"?
When will I go for my next holiday?

I said: ( I say:)
In Life, bad memories/incidents are the scars which would stay on life, to remind you that you had passed that litmus test almost admirably and you need to set the sky as the limit and not let the scar dampen your mood.There will always be the odd moron who will be out to make your life hell,you need to stand stoically through the wave and not let emotions affect your work of art.

I want to:
1.Read a lot
2. Be the next Narayanamurthy in India.
3. I want to tour the world.

I wish:
The world had a magic wand to put the sychophants and subservient at bay, just like an apple a day keeps the Doc at bay and life was really simple and enjoyable,as in the times of R.K.Narayan

I hear:
Instrumental music – Gulzar and A.R.Rehman
Other than that love Shankar,Ehsan and Loy, Bryan Adams, Shaan,Euphoria, KK and of course the magical Bollywood voice of Kishore da,Sonu Nigam and Asha BhonsleI wonder:
Why success and difference in status changes people’s attitude.

I regret:
The fact that these family interactions happen only when some one gets married or passes away.

I am:A Lovely Piscean, for whom day dreaming is the soul for creativity.

I dance(d):
When I got my first B school interview call from Symbiosis in 2004(at home, swaying away to music playing in my desktop).

Another incident I remember was not exactly dancing, but considering other forms of motion...I did a 90km/hr from Kodambakkam to Guindy, when I learnt I had got through Infosys,which turned out to be my first Job.

I sing:
even though every one comlpains of cacophony,I generally hum some music almost every minute when I am not talking,sleeping or studying.I have also won a First prize in intercollegiate competition,when I sung " Kabhi Kabhie mere dil me" and "surmayee Ankhiyon mein" (Hindi Version of the Moondram Pirai "Kanney kalaimane")

I cry:Last did that when the Lankans beat us at Eden gardens on March 13th,96. There have been times when movies evoke an emotion or two.

I'm not always: Careful

I make with my hands:
Noodles with a layer of Cheese and some ghee.
A lot of test Signatures of mine.

I write : Twice a week, and ya do write a lot of stuff that cant be put on the Blog as its official :-)

I confuse:
Sometimes a Girls voice, calling A's name when B talks.
between Remuneration and Renumeration
between Rollicking and Rockilling

I need:
Some one to listen to my thoughts.
Food at regular intervals
Ideas at regular intervals
My Regular Holiday outside Chennai


Shpriya said...

That was pretty fast and interesting. Good title and lol@I confuse :))

vi said...

Hi Kartik,
Interesting stuff! All the best for next saber bhatia/narayanmurthy aims!

LOL@confusing girls voices
Also liked your "I regret" part.


deeps said...

long time crush on u sexy.the goaties gelled quite well.

Kartik Kannan said...

Deeps:: do u have a blog...?

Anonymous said...

Well u have got lot of people listening to u already through ur blogs

Anonymous said...

Well u have got a lot of people already listening to u by ur blogs i guess.Anyways it was a nice self portrayal

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