Bhogle, Mein Aa Raha Hoon!

With extremely gruelling schedules at B School, and no time for actvely pursuing hobbies, I decided to squeeze in some time for a hobby of mine. I generally capture myself on video, and take Interviews on my mobile, but that was largely amateur, and when I spotted an oppurtunity to do it a little more professionaly, I grabbed the offer.

I have my own Sports Show.(This is episode 1, and will happen every Wednesday)

More about it a little later, as have a presentation in Marketing and a test following that.


Anonymous said...

hi kartik,
congratulations on your new sports show! way to go! had a look, it was great!!!
and all the best for your presentation and test.

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks Vaidehi for your comments


Kartik Kannan

Prashanth said...

hey, congrats! you've been busy AND effective about it, not like moi, ha! wonderful for you, am sure. well, long time no see.
take care

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