Confrontational Advertising!

Confrontational Advertising seems to be the order of the day, in the tug of war between Rival Brands
Jet Airways had advertised in a hoarding in Mumbai that “We’ve Changed”. Now Kingfisher puts a banner above that and says, “We’ve Made them Change”.Now that takes some guts and execution to have it splashed on an outdoor medium. Equs Red Cell was the advertising agency that created the ad for Kingfisher.

The Apparel sector has had its fair share of dog-eat-dog competition. Big Baazar launched advertising campaigns which went like this
“ Keep West-aside, Make a smart Choice”
“Shoppers! Stop and Change your Life Style”

In the online space there is the all famous spat between Times Jobs and Naukri.com, which surprisingly has resulted in 20% increase in resume registrations for Naukri, on whom the Timesjobs Advertisement was targeted. Call it the case of the hunter being hunted partially!

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