Damn Creative!

I happened to chance on a link given by a friend on Orkut, and it has had me hooked on to their Youtube account, whole of last week, playing their videos again and again, amazed by the ingenuity of the work that has been done. Sarathy and Suresh, are the guys behind the creative pursuits of lip syncing for a popular audio. It pretty much looks as if its their own album. Suresh works in the Classifieds department at Sulekha and Sarathy was a former employee at Sulekha, who's now working at Adventnet.

This is a combined Lip sync for a popular number from Yesteryears in Tamil Cinema.

Of all the Lip Sync's this remains my favourite, given the fact that this song from Unnale Unnale has been playing in an infinite loop on my Walkman Mobile.Sarathy apparently uses a 40 watt bulb for the lighting and a Nokia 6300 for shooting the videos. I plan to catch up, later this week with him to hear more about his creative intentions.

Sarathy has also directed a short film called Elaigna

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