Mid Week Observations

An Integral part of B school life is getting one’s feet wet across all areas to decide which part of the horizontal ocean is one’s area of interest. At Great Lakes we have 2 options of learning through the Horizontals and Verticals. One is the regular Summer Internship where PPO’s happen. The other is an empirical project which we need to undertake for a year choosing a horizontal and vertical to specialise in.

One hard fact to swallow at a B school for a guy coming from a predominantly IT background is that, the best salaries at an Entry level business analyst come from the IT sector. The FMCG, Manufacturing and the Finance sector may initially not seem too enticing in terms of salary, but the long term benefits in terms of nature of work, growth and money are excellent. I am still considering options to understand each sector well before making a leap based on interest and of course ROI.

Given the spurt in Internet companies, I hardly see any internet company coming to recruit at any of the B School campuses in India(correct me if I am wrong). The Internet industry is alive and kicking in terms of the quality of work at the senior level and in compensation. I have worked in this industry for the last 15 months and from my knowledge this industry especially the social media companies are great places to work. Lets see if trends reverse this year at B schools.

So far we have had only 3 subjects and it seems quite hectic with pre reading and attending the classes. Yesterday’s Statistics test was an eye opener for me in terms of preparing better for statistics. Some times, all that pre reading doesn’t help if you cant act fast in a test. Our test was a short 10 minute 10 questions with each question displayed on the projector for only 45 seconds with no going back to the questions. It’s under stress that one’s thinking abilities come under the scanner and mine was no different. I guess I would have hit about 4-5 right, but since it was a group assignment, thanks to my team mates, we could hit 7 out of 10. Lets see, Negative components could erode into the meagre score. But since relative grading rules at B schools, one never knows which end of the pie one would end up. I could see a clutch of guys who were enthusiastic about their performance while some modest souls were ruminating that they would only get 8 or 9 right. Ok that was enough to drive me out to take a break.

Yesterday all the committees were announced and though I had given my names for a few committees, I didn’t find my name in any of those as my first preference was for placecom, which has a different selection procedure. I would still be happy getting into just placecom, as I can still contribute to other committees. There is also a selection process for the Internet branding in terms of the Official Great Lakes Blog, which has about 5 contenders battling out. So I start with a 20% probability of getting selected. We have the placecom selection today, by our faculty and a few seniors.

Expect a small write up on my next post- On Week 4- Stifler, Statistics and Salsa by Friday.

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