PMS for Men !!!!

Now did that send your head into a Tail spin?

It sure did send mine. I was browsing through Redif when an annoying ad opened up and showed up. PMS means - Poor Mobility Syndrome and not Pre/Post Menstrual Stress in this case and I thought the advertisement and the target page did capture my attention for a moment. Try Seeing the concept of the ad here


Vijay said...

I guess it definitely did its intended part - Make the readers curious of what it means and lead them to the site :)

Hi, I'm Vijay and I stumbled across your blog while surfing the web. And I'm also a 2004 Eng passout from Chennai. And when you find time, try visiting my blog : http://mythoughtwaves.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...


Thats Y i am using a Tata indocom Mobile :-)

- Santosh

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