40 Hours to Placement Week

Its been a busy week, which has seen a lot of activity, and we are now down to the final stages of preparation. The Placement committe met yesterday and had a final jotting down on companies that were coming to campus. One or 2 last minute pull outs, some last minute insertions, managing the schedule of slotting companies, and sending resumes. I see people who are tense, people who are cool, and some who dont know how to react, to the enormity of the task at hand, as the tangible benefit of the PGPM course is all set to be had in some 40 odd hours. I myself havent prepared on any subject, and have been trying to figure out, how do i distract the interviewer to ask questions only that I like. I should be trying to jot down some notes from saturday night for some key subjects that I have flaunted as my area of interest in the resume. Its a little easier going into placement week, as I observe that having one pre placement offer, from the company I have interned, largely makes you feel, as this is just another event.

I am all set to attend my engineering college Alumni meet today and also attend the Lucky Ali and Karthik music show at Saarang, later this evening.

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