Tam Hyprocrism-Shriya Falls Prey!

(Shriya at Sivaji 150th Day Show)

Tamil Nadu, a Land of Culture and Traditions- It sure is, but a few folks take it too seriously and we have a new concoction called Hypocracy. There are some folks in Tamil Nadu, who I just cant digest, in terms of the level of hypocrism displayed. The latest incident being, the Shriya Saran case, when she came to a Sivaji Silver jubilee function in an attire ' not beffitting Tamil Culture'.

If Tamil culture can tolerate Shakila,Namitha and Silk Smitha in their sensual innuendos and that can not be ascribed to vulgar culture, then why this stray incident against Shriya. The Tamil politicians and a section of society literally pilloried Khusbhoo on her statements on sexuality a couple of years back. Khusbhoo, as a citizen was well withing her rights to express her views, and that too on a phenomenen that was very well known. Its just that some TAMS pose as hypocrists and start to critisize.

God Save us

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. Is not the case filed in the court citing that the attire was offending Hindu culture.. (and not Tamil Culture..)

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