Crossing The Ball of Fire!

The Placement season is nearing, 20 odd days remain for me to salvage some lost pride over the MBA I have slept over. In these 20 days, I will also solve irrelevant cases, do some crazy assignments, make B plans, do pre reading wherever possible, do my consulting assignment for the place where I interned, type and co author a research report with a Harvard pass out and an MD of a US firm, attend Pre Placement Talks, assist in the placecom activities and in between all this also make my fundamentals slightly better to get a job. I see the next 20 days and literally stare at the multitude of tasks remaining and the consistent quality of output that is required to make every activity worthwile. It should remain the ball of fire, for me, as I have fundamentally remained a lazy bum, all through my life, with weekends devoted to hedonistic activities like lying on bed, reading magazines, and watching Television.

After some interaction with alumni, during our alum meet last saturday, I have realised that my analysis of employment has not been well thought of, and it requires far greater understanding of the subject as well as the market. It looks as if I have suddenly woken up to the magnitude of things piling up, and this will actually be an acid test for me to go beyond just planning. Its about execution in these few days that will decide the course of life for the next few years. So even as I jot my tasks down on outlook with reminders, hunger pangs reminds me that I havent had proper food through the day...which was littered between a quick noodles in the morning, to some awful lunch at college and some not so good Vadas at the nearby Tea shop.

Time for dinner....

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