Cricketing Memories

12 Years back as a student in Class 8, I was watching this match on New Years Day. Incidentally that was the time when ESPN came into the Indian Sports Televesion Market(95/96) and started giving Prime Sports a run for its money(Star Sports was called Prime Sports then).

Those days were the days before pinch hitting became assosiated with most teams. Pinch hitting was seen only as a strategy tool in key matches like world cups before it became the norm. Pinch hitting was brought into focus by Greatbatch for NZ in the 92 WC, after India adopted it i 94 with Sachin, and then in 96 when Jayasuriya and Kalu took the world by storm( They started in 95, but became famous only in the 96 WC).

Anyways...Happy new year to readers of this Blog, and enjoy the match in the youtube link. Its hard to believe that its more than a decade since this match happened. I am getting old :-)

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