Holiday, Mr Bucknor? Try Jamaica not the Randwick End

Steve Bucknor, left me with adjectives..fuming out of my mouth, from the time he made some ludicrus decisions against India. Steve Bucknor, till a few years back, was one of the most respected umpires, until he started giving some crazy decisions from his stubborn self. The first "shocker" from Bucknor came when I was a jumping jack in class 5, 1992, where Javagal Srinath's direct hit, had Jonty Rhodes, short of his ground at Johannesburg, and Bucknor's ego told him not to move his hands animatedly towards the umpire watching the idiot box.

Steve Bucknor with a 120 matches, must realise its time to move on, as such stubborness in not referring to the third umpire is certainly not the way to go about when so much of Technology is available. Umpire Mark Benson, too played his part by contributing his chunk of errors towards compounding India's misfortunes. It'all the more heartburn as these decisions stand in way between a victory and a devesatting defeat.

There have been some marked men in the past, who have been India's nemesis in the past like Darrel Hair, Asoka De Silva and Bucknor-Benso combo seem to be fighting it out to compete in the India Nemesis Team-Of the men in white coats(Alright! its a T shirt Now). Mr Bucknor, you are ageing, and its time you move on before more disgrace covers you in shame. Your eyes have enough vision to saunter around the Jamaican beaches to have a lovely retirement, basking in the glory of your service to cricket as one of the most longstanding umpires. This isnt the time for you to alternate every 4 minutes between the Randwick and Brewlongle stands at the SCG.

And what happens to me??? Damn I invested 8 hours... at a time when my compatriots are busy burning midnight oil over assigments cases and placement related issues, and all I get is Ponting and Gilchrist showing their fingers at television, as if bad mouthing the avid Indian fan. Frustration it certainly is, and how much ever, India loses, who knows even on placement day, I would spend the minute before my interview sending a message to 57333 for the cricket scores.


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Chini said...

Tell u wat.. Don worry if u spent time watching cricket! It wud help u 4 sure.. It helped me get into Great Lakes.. got me a job at Infy.. all thnx 2 Cricket :)

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