Heading for IPL Today

Will be watching the Chennai vs Mumbai match today at the Chepauk Stadium. I want to watch Sachin at his best today. I am not so-much into supporting local teams, as the game is generally interesting if a fixed identity of nationalism comes, but not regionalism(at least so far). Chennai superkings hardly have anybody from Chennai, save 3-4 people. Anyways, going today to the D stand, paying 500 bucks, thanks to my classmate Shankar pulling out, due to some domestic commitments.

Going to a 1 day match at Chepauk after 6 years. The last full-one day match was India vs England, as the other matches in 03,04,05 and 06, were marred by rain.


Ottayan said...

Great enjoy yourself. Sachin is still rendered unfit by the groin injury.

Yep. We Chennaites are starved of International cricket.


Chennai Super Kings Fan said...

Visited the blog from RSS to say that Sachin is missing today's game.. But see that Ottayan has already done that... :)

- Robin

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