Racing to the end!

You know its not going to be a podium finish, but you still run the race like mad, just because you need to be ackowledged that you ran the race. Here I am 5 45 in the morning, doing my last set of presentations, case assignments and tests. The course ends on 23rd, and we have a test on 24th. After that its a briefing session for the next 5 days with our junior batch, and on 30th, we get royally kicked out of college, via a convocation. Sometimes, the 1 year MBA itself becomes a drag, given the number of days that we spend sleepless nights, the 2 year course must be a test of patience. I might flunk in yesterday's FSAV exam, and if that wasnt enough there's Investment Banking's end term tommorow. There's only so many D's and F's that I can afford. I hope I get a D in FSAV, that leaves me affording one more D in Investment banking. 3 D's and I still pass the course.God Save me!

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