Tranquil Aqua Marine Bluish-green Waters of the Andamans

I am enjoying peace at North Bay in the Middle Andaman Islands. I landed today expecting tropical heat conditions, but suprisingly the captain of the flight, warned us on wet weather and thundershowers. Andamans seems slower and sleepy than Goa. The kind of people who I have seen so far touring are the PSU sector folks, who are enjoying their LTC vacation with their families. So far from 8 am to 4 pm , we have scheduled a visit to Ross Island and North Bay(Coral reefs, promised, but havent spotted anything so far). I would be spending the rest of the 2 days in Havelock islands. Will give an update on the same, when I find a plug to charge my laptop. The Aqua marine Bluish green water, seems to add to the lovely experience. I hear Havelock island is far better than this beach. This beach that I am resting at seems to be a roky beach, with the tinges of Bluish Green.

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Himanshu said...

Sonud like a great place, Enjoy..

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