Heading Westwards!

I was lying in my couch last evening thinking of what I was going to miss. Hmmm....to draw a list, I would be missing my cushy life in Chennai, the lovely empty feeling that I have had in the last one year of relaxing with friends, the midnight binges, 3 am conversations with friends at tea shops,My home theatre system, the wide space of my independent house in Madipakkam.

In a month from now, I would be transported to what they call "The city of Dreams"-Mumbai. I expect it to be fast paced high adrenalin life, from what I hear from Mumbaikars in my college. Its also a foray into a cosmopolitan culture, a culture rather unknown to a home bred Tam brahm like me untill I ventured into GL for my PGPM. As a tourist to any city, one is able to appreciate the finer points of the culture in a city. I guess, I am ready for that. I never saw any merits in Chennai as that was home, and the grass on the other side being greener, I am ready to set foot into a different culture fending for myself.

Right now the mind is trying to picture myself in Mumbai, after I bought the EICHER-Mumbai road map, but the open book of "Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation" is staring at me, as I dream about Mumbai and the life there. The only flip side to Mumbai is that even after an MBA, you live life like a lower middle class guy, with congested office spaces and houses, as the cost of living seems to be really high, but its worth the compromise, given the vibrant nature of the city and the raw energy the city exudes(I am told that). Chennai.. ...You've given me a peaceful life, unmindul of the competition and the big bad world out there, but its that time of my life where I need to explore, what it feels to live alone in the big bad world, in what they call India's nerve centre....and as a travel enthusiast, I can only hum the wonderful Kishore da number... "Musafir hoon Yaaron...." as I prepare to be a Mumbaikar.


Edgar Dantas said...

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Anonymous said...

with the current tirade against people from other states you better learn 'aamchi marathi' asap..

wish you all the best for ur new job..


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