Oh No, Not Again!


I remember the time I joined Infosys in 2004 October, Karnataka had a ban on non-kannada movies to promote their local language movies. It was a crazy idea, and such a protectionist policy only shows the lack of having guts to make good cinema in Karnataka. I totally respect the Kannadiga sentiments, but they just need a reason to pick up a quarrel with Tamil Nadu. I remember travelling on a Shatabdi between Bangalore and Chennai in April 2006, when one of their top actors(Rajkumar) passed away. Tamil houses and trains were targets of Mob violence. So my planned Hogenekkal trip may be in jeapordy because of this violence...

Now will they Target Vijay Mallya, because the UB group is the principal sponsor of the Chennai IPL Cricket Team? (Owners are INDIA CEMENTS). Let the debate begin

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