Trying hard

  • to get some order into life(predictability)
  • to wash clothes on time
  • to wash them much cleaner
  • to get up when the alarm rings and not pass it off as a song playing in my mobile.
  • to go to the swimming pool and gymn in my apartment complex
  • to enjoy food and get a 'mmm' and 'wow' experience once a day(Right now, to do that I rely on Mani's lunch home or Krishna Boarding Udupa retaurant in Matunga Central Line)
  • to try and finish reading the 3 newspapers that I buy. Hate seeing a virgin, uncrumpled form of newspapers piling in the house.
  • plan an inexpensive holiday that can be done over the weekend.
  • plan for an impromptu holiday, out of India(when I get the time)
  • to get my new cot repaired
  • to buy some furniture for the house
  • to watch some television programmes.Whats the point of buying a new TV worth 13,500 if I dont watch anything on the television? I felt the same when I splurged a 115 k, in buying a 6.1 hometheatre system,with a 43 ' Projection TV in Dec 2005. Hard earned money, u see!
  • to Complete reading all the books, I bought in the last 16 months. I've started all, but never managed to complete. Still, whenever I pass by Crossword, my heart itches to buy some atttractive book.

and ya finally... to leave in time to catch the FAST LOCAL back home to Mulund.


G said...

If you are interested in treks (for the inexpensive holiday over the weekend)..there are lot of good places around mumbai/karjat/pune region along western ghats which you can do over weekend...search for peth, bhimashankar etc..check out http://www.bhramanti.com/index.html

Kartik Kannan said...

Will do! G

Thanks for stopping by.

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