Mulling over Club Mahindra

For the past 2 months, the sales team at Club Mahindra has patiently asked me for appointments and I somehow was not in a frame of mind to talk numbers and sign a cheque for them. They called me again last week, and we agreed meeting on saturday evening. The guy who came to meet me, forgot his laptop charger, so we decided to just talk over some sheets and pictures. In a way that was good, as he could have easily made me melt with his pictures and Club Mahindra does look attractive for famly holidaying over the years, but the only thing holding me back is the guilt list of places, that I have built over time collecting travel magazines. Club Mahindra has expanded to 23 locations in India and have some of the best properties, but still there are so many more hotels that are there waiting to be explored all over the world.

Its a tough choice to make. Club Mahindra does have RCI affilation, which allowes members to get to other hotels at a much lower cost than if one were to go on our own. Right now, I really dont care about facilities at places where I stay. I would gladly sleep near the toilet in an unreserved compartment, stay at a lonely beach shack for 50 bucks, walk mountains with luggage on...but once marriage/family comes in, it could be a different ball game.

I would use the better part of the fortnight to talk to members, and people who have used this to understand the actual money spent on holidays as a member( includes EMI, Maintenance cost, travel, food etc). Some more careful back of the envelope calculations would reveal whether I sign a cheque for them, or invest my money in "Impulse" holidays (the way I generally holiday).

Being a hardcore fan of a move like THE BEACH,signing up for a holiday timeshare is a little hard to digest!


Vishal Sen Gupta said...

Hi Kartik

Just came across your blog while browsing and thought to add something for you to consider. I am a club mahindra member for last 3 years.

Yes, as you mentioned, it would be a different ball game once you are married and the places you have stayed so far won't definitely seem worth staying with family. I myself had taken membership just before marriage.

However, as you have said, if you don't like to plan your holidays well in advance, CM membership may prove to be a disappointment for you. It's rarely available at a fortnight or weekly notice. Usually, you must book one month or earlier in advance.

Also, you can use CM membership to supplement your impulse holidays i.e. 2-3 planned holidays and rest impulse holidays as I guess you are used to travel more often.

Definitely, there are many places to explore and I keep looking at resorts which offer something different. But more often, they are also heavy on wallet. So, CM membership comes handy in enjoying a luxury holiday which is not heavy on wallet. Well, you have already paid in one way, however, I feel the benefits accrue after a few years.

For any queries I will be happy to respond.


Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks Vishal

Let me make some back of the envelope calculations on the christmas holiday, and buzz if u, if i need some clarity

Thanks for responding Vishal!

captsahil said...

hey kartik,

Pl open and search of the company reputation first on net....not even a single positive review!! i have paid out money in Oct 08 (ofcourse thinking of that married life thing) and till date they were not able to deliver me a "No mistake" welcome letter, leave a side all those special offers they talk of. About RCI, once you pay you are supposed to get your RCI membership id within 45 days, but i've not recieved it as yet. I tried all my levels (till writing to their MD) but they don listen..
so now am trying to get my membership canclled...even on that they don return back...

so u see it is not about "time share" it is club mahindra in specific...

time share is good, but can they actually take proper care of all the customers with around 60 of their own....

think and then pay buddy!!

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