On My Own Trip!

After watching "THE BEACH", I somehow felt that aimless travel had a supporter in me. I would love to escape to some place thats not found by many, and just aimlessly laze around there. Will I be able to find my Utopia? Someday when the project is in a stable state and the folks above me are not greedy enough to launch more products, I just want to take off, on my own trip.

I have always felt, trips should never be too organised, it should be impulse driven and aimless and should be the mind's way of connecting with the culture of the land that I go to. It shouldnt be about booking an accomadation before starting. I have started doing that in most of my trips when I am not with a very 'safe' minded person.

a) Did a impromptu trip last october, when I felt bored of my classmates during my Internship in Bangalore. Did a quick trip to the Majestic bus stand and took the first bus that was empty and going anywhere north. It turned out to be Gokarna, and the bus had too many holes, so I was dripping wet, with the only set of clothes that I had.

b) Did another impromptu trip to Goa, November 17/18/19 last year, when I felt like travelling by unreserved all the way from Chennai.My friend joined me a day later from Chennai. I did that to celebrate the fact that I got a D Minus, as against F grade, in Prof Venkat's subject, last year. When you are competing to fight for grades that are in various levels of failure(, D, D- and F), even a D Minus seems like a war dance.

c) Another impromptu trip happened in February, after placement season, when I went with two friends to Goa again.

d) 4 days before convocation, another impromptu trip to Havelock Island(Andamans)

But most of my places that I had visited are run of the mill places, so my next impromptu trip, would need a little more planning and research on the web, to search for the unfamiliar.

Some of the places that are part of my bucketlist are

1) Europe- Greece to Spain
2) Russia to China on the Trans-Siberian express
3) Thailand, in the lesser explored regions(that Lonely Planet Thailand advises me)
4) Borneo, for some adventure like Ananconda 2
5) South America- For some Amazonian adventure
6) Need to read more of Lonely Planet to complete this list!

I will finish this post with some of the best scenes from T H E B E A C H.

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Nirenjan Krishnan said...

Reading your post prompted me to start looking at Lonely Planet, at least for destinations in California, for now.

Coming back to your post, enjoy the impromptu trips while you can. Once pondatti comes, more likely than not, you'll have to start planning. :D

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