Well the bubble had to break some time after it flew like a gas filled balloon across the grass laden fields of SouthAfrica. The Indian bubble strayed a little too long near the colorful kangaroo , which decided to have a peck at the bubble and made sure that the balloon never took off from the ground , something akin to the kangaroo viewing the bubble as a dangerous insect to be crushed instantly before it inflicted the venom of pain.

well how does it feel to play second fiddle ? in a team game it's always the problem of sharing
the defeats or victories amongst ur mates. the rise to fame of an individual is dependent on the fortunes of the team , and the individual some times gets his place in the sun, but a team victory is always hailed as priority . Isnt this concept of team sport killing brilliant individuals like Sachin tendulkar,Brian lara......... just because the other ten that make the
team are mercurial in their execution.

Imagine that WORLD CUP of cricket is similar in stature to the WIMBLEDON and a player of
Sachin's stature is playing in his first "wibledon finals " whereas his other sport counterparts like Tiger Woods and Pete Sampras have already climbed the great wall of fame winning in innumerable finals . some times sport is cruel when team work is involved . i can fully empathize with the feeling of Sachin , as i echoe the same sentiments , languishing for that perfect team to make the transition from the nadir to the zenith .

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