hmmmm jus saw a MICROSOFT ad saying " buy 5 liscenses get the 6th liscence free".It's sad to
know that such a big software company is doing all these bargaining stuff, as it is not able
to tackle the menace of piracy. well me being a S\W engg , i can feel the pain and the sleeepness
nights that goes into making a software, but what do students do to to help the cause?

a biz of a different genre - buy a cd , GET ALL THE S/W FREE and to avoid online support
(botheration rather) CD KEY'S are given as incentives every month to keep the "customer" happy
my lab exams are round the corner and i have just started to dig deep into the underlying code,
and discovered i am on the tip of the ice berg as far as portions are concerned. so gotto step
on the gas and do a "ricky ponting " tommorow to finish the portions .

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